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Good evening! I just want to ask if you can help us to have an apartment as soon as possible? I am in a queue for 3 years. I understand that we have to wait for the right time but the reason why i am asking for help is because i have 2 kids, 11 and 15 years old. They need to have a privacy and their own room. Because when they're studying they don't have a place. My partner, I and my kids are just living with my Mom. My partner is also in a queue we are both working as a cleaner. I hope you can help us with these matters.  Thank you very much and have a blessed evening 
Thank you very much and have a very nice evening! God bless
Godofredo III Ozaraga


  • Hi! Im glad you and your partner are already in the queue! Thats good 👍

    In Väsbyhem it usually takes 5-7 years of queueing to be offered a contract. But it all depends on wich area of Väsby you want to live and how attractive that area is amongst others. So just keep on register your interests in availible objects.

    We also have a system called "Bostad-direkt" in which you might get a contract emediatly, by lottery. If you register interest in the appartment labelled "Bostad Direkt" (published on mondays and thursdays if we have any available)
    Please keep an eye on those.

    Other housing companys have similar solutions. My advice to you is to register in every free-of-charge housing queues such as Sigtunahem, Sollentunahem for example.

    You can read more about us on our website: Vä
    Looking forward to seeing you!

  • Hi there
    I’m looking for living, one room or 2 rooms
    And I have been registering more 7
    I really need help to find it

    Mohammad jazar
  • Hi  , I am married and we have a son , I am working as a kock and I work full time .
    If you want to hear more about me just let me know . Thank you .
    Best regards
    Ajet Medolli
  • Hi Ajet,

    In order do get an apartment you have to register an account on Vä and apply for apartments on our webpage. You collect que-points, one for each day and based on yours and the other applicants amount och que-points you will be offerd an apartment.

    Our generell que-time is between 7-10 years depending on adress, witch apartment it concerns etc... I recomend you though to look out for"Bostad-direkt" apartments if you do not have enough que-time. Those are published on mondays and thursdays IF there are any available. The computer chooses one random applicant that gets the apartment.

    Best regards Benjamin.

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